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Foreign Currency Domiciliary Account 

The Energy Bank Domiciliary Account allows customers to maintain accounts in foreign currencies. These accounts can be funded through travelers cheques, lodgement of foreign currency cheques, cash inflows and cash deposits.

Energy Bank Domiciliary Account Holders can withdraw cash or make transfers to their accounts or other accounts offshore.

Energy Kid  

This is an interest-bearing deposit account for children, which  is   aimed at encouraging parents to save for the children as well as to inculcate in children the habit of saving.


Children from age 0 to 17 years


•Initial minimum opening deposit of GHS 100
•Highly competitive and applicable interest rate
•Deposits built up in the account can be driven by standing order or direct debit instructions from  Parent's Account to the Child's/ beneficiary’s  ENERGY-Kid Account
•Children are also encouraged to save at an early age
•End of year attractive presents, including birthday gifts